INDREK ALLMAN is an architect and partner at PLUSS Architects, based in Tallinn. His work and experiments on different sustainability issues have led him to analyze the reasoning behind the spatial decisions and propose solutions in city planning and in multimodal networks on larger scale, as well.
Indrek has been multiple times a vice-president of the Estonian Association of Architects (EAA) and the president of the EAA in 2014–2016. He is a member of the supervisory board of Saarte Liinid Ltd. (an Estonian state-owned company to maintain and develop the regional ports and harbors).
In addition to Estonia, he has also designed buildings in Ukraine, Denmark, Latvia, Norway, and Sweden. Indrek has received numerous prizes for his creations both at home as well as abroad. Amongst them 'The Architectural Award 2005' Salon Press, Moscow, Russia; main prize in the category 'Best Foreign Project'. He has been a finalist in the category of landscape architecture in the World Architecture Festival, Barcelona 2012 and in the contemporary architecture prize of the EU Mies van Der Rohe, many prizes in the Wooden Building of the Year competition, 'Best construction of the year in Tartu' in the years 2002 and 2006.

OLA SÖDERSTRÖMprofessor of human geography, researcher and editor, based in Geneva

AGNESE LĀCEsenior policy analyst in the areas of migration and integration at PROVIDUS, based in Latvia

MART KALMarchitecture historian and critic, Rector of the Estonian Academy of Arts

ONA LOZURAITYTE & PETRAS ISORAfounders of 'Isora x Lozuraityte Studio for Architecture' in Vilnius

MENEESHA KELLAY (MODERATOR)curator of Festival Programmes at the 'V&A Museum' in London

JAMES TAYLOR-FOSTER (MODERATOR)is a Stockholm based writer, curator, editor, designer and broadcaster

IVAN SERGEJEVNarva chief city architect, technology enthusiast and TEDx speaker

KEITI KLJAVINurbanist, operator of the 'Linnalabor' and editor of Estonian Urbanists’ Review

MARKUS SCHAEFERpartner and architect of Zürich based office 'Hosoya Schaefer Architects'

DANIEL UREY (MODERATOR)the head of LABLAB research and design laboratory, based in Stockholm, Sweden

SILLE PIHLAKarchitect and co-founder of PART, PhD fellow at EAA, based in Tallinn

JUSTINIEN TRIBILLONco-founder and editor of Migrant Journal, researcher, based in London

MIKE EMMERIKurbanist and partner at Crimson Historians and Urbanists, based in Amsterdam

KIRSTEN RITCHIEconsulting project director and principal at GENSLER, based in San Francisco

IRENE STRACUZZIgraphic designer and researcher, based in Eindhoven

IGNACIO G. GALÁNarchitect, editor and historian, Ph.D., based in New York

DAINIS BERZINSChairman of the UPB Management Board, based in Latvia

IEVA ILVESadviser to the President of Latvia for Information and Digital Policy

PETER LANG (MODERATOR)architecture theorist, operating between Scandinavia and Italy

JONAS ŽUKAUSKASarchitect based in Vilnius

INDREK ALLMANNEstonian architect and partner at Pluss Architects